Funding support for community groups

from Christine Trevorrow

CCVS is a Cambridge based charity offering support for community groups across the county.

They are running an event on 2nd July in Cottenham sports pavilion in collaboration with Cottenham parish council. The event is aimed at community groups in the area who would like to know more about making successful funding bids, plus the chance to hear about funds that groups can apply for. The event is free to any community group.

For more information, please see the CCVS website.

Airfield Road Update

Alex Rileyfrom Alex Riley

Many of you will have seen the signs proclaiming that the Airfield Road will shut next Monday, 21 May. This post aims to fill you in on some of the background.

As you may remember, Simon Edwards and I met up with Philip Harker (Homes England) and Becky Allen (Sisk’s) on 23 April. Arising from that a second meeting was arranged, to involve our new District Councillors (Sarah Cheung Johnson was able to attend). I sent the participants of that meeting a briefing note which contained the following points:

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Newsletter – June 2018

from Lisa Smith –  Willingham Surgery

Missed Appointments
If you are unable to attend your GP appointment, please call the surgery with as much notice as possible so your appointment can be offered to someone else. This will help us reduce our waiting times for appointments. In March, there were 51 missed GP appointments in Willingham and 20 missed appointments in our Longstanton Branch Surgery. The resulting cost of this is approximately £1775 being wasted (an average GP appointment costs £25).

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Airfield Road update

Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley

My colleague Simon Edwards and I have just met with Philip Harker of Homes England.  We explained to him about the conflicting messages that have been put out about a consultation period, together with previous commitments not to shut the road until the A14 upgrade is completed, etc.  It seems possible that the works that are intended could proceed with the road left open, but subject to delays so that heavy plant can cross the road.  We agreed that a meeting should be held very soon (before the 3rd May election) to involve County Council Highways officers and Pete Hudson, our County Councillor.  I will report back to you after this meeting!

Whatever the outcome of this meeting, the Airfield Road will continue to be open for pedestrians, cyclists and invalid carriages.

Local Parish and District Elections – May 3rd

Elections will be held on May 3rd for Parish and District Councils.

In Longstanton, the new Parish Council will have a largely familiar look. Only nine candidates were proposed for the eleven seats on the council, so all will be elected unopposed. Of the ten existing councillors, eight will be returning, the exceptions being Sandy Sastry and Sarah Cheung Johnson, who will instead be standing for the District Council. Stephanie Ness will be the only new face.

At District Council level, Longstanton joins a ward that also includes Oakington and Northstowe that will be represented by two councillors. Candidates for these posts are:

  • Sandra Ann ARCHER (Green)
  • Sarah Elizabeth Kar Yee CHEUNG JOHNSON (Liberal Democrat)
  • Simon Mark EDWARDS (Conservative)
  • Polly GUNSMAN (Labour)
  • Roger HALL (Conservative)
  • Alex MALYON (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ed STOKES (Labour)

Edit: Sarah Cheung Johnson and Alex Malyon were elected.

Airfield Road closure

Alex Riley reports:

Sisk’s, the Northstowe Phase 2 contractor, have applied to shut the airfield Road “temporarily” for 19 months from 21 May. This means that they have not given the statutory minimum of 12 weeks’ notice. I am currently unclear whether there will be a public consultation. I have asked the County for clarification.

Newsletter – May 2018

from Lisa Smith

Please note the Surgery will be CLOSED on Bank holiday Monday 7th May and Bank Holiday Monday 28th May

Helping your hospital to help you
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reported that this winter saw more patients than ever before enter the doors of A&E. Waiting times were reaching seven and a half hours in A&E. Patients can help the hospital by understanding the circumstances in which they should attend. A&E deals with life-threatening emergencies, such as:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Acute confused state and fits that are not stopping
  • Persistent, severe chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Severe bleeding that cannot be stopped
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Severe burns or scalds

Less severe injuries can be treated in urgent care centres or minor injuries units (MIUs). Details are available on the Cambridge and Peterborough CCG ‘choose well’ web pages. Minor injury units can treat problems such as sprains and strains, broken bones, wound infections, minor burns and scalds, minor head injuries, insect and animal bites, minor eye injuries and injuries to the back shoulder and chest.

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In case you were thinking of going somewhere…

Updated 16th March, 23rd March, 24th March

There has been a flurry of announcements concerning upcoming road closures connected with the A14 improvements. You can read the official wording in the Parish Council area.

Some details are not entirely clear. Here’s what we know about the Bar Hill bridge closure specifically:

For the whole of the week beginning Tuesday 3rd April (Easter week), the bridge over the A14 at Bar Hill will be closed.

Highways England have now published detailed maps showing access at all the local A14 slip roads during the bridge closure. You can see it here.

The Citi5 bus service will not run between Cambridge and Longstanton during the closure. It will run between Cambridge and Bar Hill and a separate service will connect Longstanton to the Park & Ride, Willingham, Swavesey and Fenstanton. Travellers between Longstanton and Cambridge will need to use the Busway services. Details here.

How traffic volumes will be affected remains to be seen. This is a period when schools are out and many people take holidays, so, hopefully, the regular commuter traffic will be less heavy than usual.

This post is open for comments and additional information, should you possess any. Just click the balloon at the top.

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Newsletter – April 2018

from Lisa Smith – Willingham Surgery

Gluten Free Prescriptions
Following the Public Consultation on Gluten Free Prescribing, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG have decided to NOT adapt their position. Therefore gluten free foods are not recommended on the NHS for patients in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. For Further information please ask the surgery for the Patient Letter and the Gluten Free Information Leaflet issued from the CCG. A copy of these are also available on the Surgery website.

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Alex Riley to stand down as SCDC Councillor

Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley

On Thursday 3 May – in just less than ten weeks – every District Council seat and every Parish Council seat within South Cambridgeshire will be up for re-election, even though it is only two years since the Longstanton seat was last contested.  Further information is available here (link) :

For the District Council, this will be coupled with considerable changes.  The council will reduce in size from 57 to 45 elected members and all seats will be up for re-election every 4 years, rather than a third of them every year for three years.  In Longstanton’s case we will be in a ward which also contains Oakington and Northstowe and this new ward will have two elected councillors, rather than Longstanton being on its own and having one councillor.  Such is the rate of growth in our locality that we can expect yet another re-organisation within 10 years, simply to accommodate the growing size of Northstowe.

After much thought I have decided that I will not be offering myself up for re-election as your District Councillor.  I will have served the village for 16 years, having been Chair of the Parish Council from May 2002 to December 2006, and your District Councillor since May 2004.  I think it is time to make way for someone else who is able to put the energy into the role that I used to.

I would like to thank the many of you who have voted for me on the four occasions I have stood.

The role of District Councillor does not need to take up very much time but it does require commitment and can be challenging.  If any local resident would like to discuss what it involves I would be happy to talk it through with you.