Newsletter – January 2017

willingham_surgeryfrom Sharon Unwin – Practice Manager

Patient Survey
Thank you to all of our patients who kindly completed a Patient Survey. We received some wonderful comments and always value your feedback, so please continue to let us know how we are doing.  Patients can leave feedback on our Website, Nhs choices or in Surgery in our comments box.

Booking Appointments On-line
Would you like to book appointments on-line? Please contact the Surgery for more information.

Telephone Consultation
Could we deal with your consultation over the telephone? Please phone the Surgery to book and ensure we have your up to date contact details.

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Advance Notice – My Fair Lady in Over


from the Over Players

The Over Players will be presenting ‘My Fair Lady’ next summer. Read-throughs and auditions will be in January, so if you’re still in good voice in the new year, take a look at the attached announcement and make a note in next year’s diary.

Community Hub News

communityhubLast Saturday a large number of Longstanton residents attended the second drop-in session to see the current proposal for a new Longstanton Community Hub.

A new building would replace both the existing Village Institute and the Pavilion on the recreation ground and would combine the functions of both.  The project would be partially financed by the sale of the existing building, fundraising, grant applications, etc.

Since the April Drop-In, your views have been taken on board and the four firms of architects have been reduced to one.  If you were unable to attend the drop in last weekend, here is your opportunity to see the current concept and have your say.  It should be made clear that there is still a lot of thinking and planning to do before any new building work starts.

Ground floor proposal
First floor proposal
Visual impressions

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell the parish council what you think. The questionnaire used at the drop-in is available for completion on-line. Once you have had a good look at the gallery and/or the architects’ plans, please visit the survey to make your voice heard.

Link to survey

Newsletter – December 2016

willingham_surgeryfrom Sharon Unwin – Practice Manager

Our surgeries will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Public Holiday Tuesday 27th December, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day & Public Holiday 2nd January

Out of Hours Care
Please remember to phone Urgent Care Cambridge on 111 if you require medical attention when the surgery is closed.  Please remember that Accident & Emergency is intended for life threatening conditions or if you are likely to need an X-ray.

Repeat Prescriptions
The last date for ordering repeat prescriptions in time for Christmas holidays is Wednesday the 21st of December.  The last date for collection of medicines before Christmas will be Friday the 23rd of December by 1pm at Longstanton Surgery and 6.30pm at Willingham Pharmacy.

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Street Names in Northstowe

northstoweNow that building has started, South Cambridgeshire District Council is keen to enlist the help of the local community in finding names for all the new roads that will make up Northstowe. Where possible it is hoped to find names that reflect some historical or geographical aspect of the locality.

In the first instance, Longstanton Parish Council will be collating suggestions for street names and these will be reviewed at the Council meeting on 12th December 2016. Your help is invited: if you have ideas for names for the new streets or themes within which ‘families’ of names can be created, please send these to the Parish Clerk by 28th November.

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Community Hub Update – October 2016

communityhubfrom the Parish Clerk

Since the very well-attended ‘drop-in’ session in the Village Institute to review the four sets of architects plans for a Longstanton Community Hub, the Working Group (WG) has been progressing on a number of fronts:

  1. We have visited a number of existing Hubs in our region for practical feedback to improve our Hub to meet the village’s explicit needs.
  2. We are continuing to work with our preferred architects to prepare the design for planning permission.
  3. The Hub is a large and complex building and will require substantial funding.  The WG is investigating sources of funding, some of which we hope will involve the community.
  4. We are investigating the financial viability of the Hub.  An important aim is for the Hub facilities to be utilised as fully as possible (i.e. lie idle as little as possible).  We are preparing a business plan to better understand associated costs and revenues and how the facilities will be run and administered.
  5. Lastly and most importantly we want to actively involve parishioners who have already expressed an interest, and those who wish to indicate interest now, in participating in our Hub initiative.  Could those interested please contact the Parish Clerk to arrange a one-to-one general discussion to establish your specific interest and your relevant skills.

Did we say ‘best kept village’?

Click for full size

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Only a few days after the local litter pick action and this is what has been left on our village green, after a group of people on scooters/motorbikes decided to have some fish and chips last night.

This is not the first time this area around the benches has been littered with the local shop’s/takeaway’s waste, despite the litter bin being located only a few metres away.

If any of the local residents know who did it, please explain to those people what the litter bins are for!

Or leave a comment…

Northstowe Community Forum – next Wednesday

Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley

Next Wednesday there is a meeting of this forum.  Since the abolition of the Northstowe Committee this is really the only way local people (I include myself in this category) can find out what is really going on in Northstowe.

And, believe it or not, things really are happening!  On Northstowe Phase 1 Bloor Homes have started to put in the footings for their development West of the B1050.  At least four other builders are touting their own developments and have previewed them to Longstanton Parish Council.

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Village footpath set to disappear

The mud starts where the hardcore ends...

Do you use footpaths? Not the sort of pedestrian footpath that runs alongside a major road, but the ones where you can get away from traffic for half an hour and stretch a few underused muscles. If you own a dog, the answer is certainly ‘yes’. If you’re trying to compensate for too much time in front of the TV, you may well also appreciate somewhere to take a quiet, or brisk, stroll.

Walkers in Longstanton are not exactly spoilt for choice. In the winter virtually every footpath in and around the village becomes a swamp. This has been the case for as long as anyone can remember and the situation seems set to take a turn for the worse.

Two or three years back Gallaghers, the phase 1 Northstowe developer, closed the public right of way known as ‘footpath no.5’ when groundworks began for building work. At the time, they told us that the path would reopen when the state of the site made it possible. Footpath no.5 is – was – the one that led from the end of Magdalene Drive next to the playground across the golf course to Crabtree Corner. It was a useful route for anyone from the south side of the village to the Busway Park and Ride and was a favourite haunt of dog-walkers. Even though it was subject to flooding in the winter, the open nature of the path meant that a way round the wet areas could usually be found.

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