Did we say ‘best kept village’?

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Only a few days after the local litter pick action and this is what has been left on our village green, after a group of people on scooters/motorbikes decided to have some fish and chips last night.

This is not the first time this area around the benches has been littered with the local shop’s/takeaway’s waste, despite the litter bin being located only a few metres away.

If any of the local residents know who did it, please explain to those people what the litter bins are for!

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Northstowe Community Forum – next Wednesday

Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley

Next Wednesday there is a meeting of this forum.  Since the abolition of the Northstowe Committee this is really the only way local people (I include myself in this category) can find out what is really going on in Northstowe.

And, believe it or not, things really are happening!  On Northstowe Phase 1 Bloor Homes have started to put in the footings for their development West of the B1050.  At least four other builders are touting their own developments and have previewed them to Longstanton Parish Council.

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Village footpath set to disappear

The mud starts where the hardcore ends...

Do you use footpaths? Not the sort of pedestrian footpath that runs alongside a major road, but the ones where you can get away from traffic for half an hour and stretch a few underused muscles. If you own a dog, the answer is certainly ‘yes’. If you’re trying to compensate for too much time in front of the TV, you may well also appreciate somewhere to take a quiet, or brisk, stroll.

Walkers in Longstanton are not exactly spoilt for choice. In the winter virtually every footpath in and around the village becomes a swamp. This has been the case for as long as anyone can remember and the situation seems set to take a turn for the worse.

Two or three years back Gallaghers, the phase 1 Northstowe developer, closed the public right of way known as ‘footpath no.5’ when groundworks began for building work. At the time, they told us that the path would reopen when the state of the site made it possible. Footpath no.5 is – was – the one that led from the end of Magdalene Drive next to the playground across the golf course to Crabtree Corner. It was a useful route for anyone from the south side of the village to the Busway Park and Ride and was a favourite haunt of dog-walkers. Even though it was subject to flooding in the winter, the open nature of the path meant that a way round the wet areas could usually be found.

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OWLS community car scheme needs drivers

owlsfrom OWLS

OWLS Community Car Scheme provides a valuable and much needed service to those people living in Over, Willingham, Longstanton and Swavesey who need to attend medical appointments or make some social journeys, but are unable to access other means of transport.

We have seen a year on year increase in people using OWLS and are now undertaking about 90 journeys a month. We have a great team of drivers but have recently lost a few due to personal circumstances and with more elderly people accessing the service in winter months we are very keen to recruit additional volunteer drivers.

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Newsletter – November 2016

willingham_surgeryfrom Sharon Unwin – Practice Manager

Mobile Telephone Numbers
Please update the Surgery with your latest mobile number. If we do not have the correct mobile number you may not receive SMS Text reminders for your appointments.

Flu Vaccinations
We have now received our “flu vaccinations”.  Please call and book your appointment.  The vaccination is recommended (and free!) to all patients over the age of 65, pregnant women and those patients who have a long term medical condition regardless of age.  If you are unsure please ask us.
Private flu vaccinations are available at a cost of £10 for those who are not eligible for free NHS flu vaccination.  Please ask in the pharmacy.

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The Great Longstanton Litter Pick returns

litterpickerJust in case you hadn’t noticed, Brexit has had no effect whatsoever on the supply of cans, bottles, bags and other assorted rubbish, much of which ends up in our hedgerows and verges.

Time for another litter pick! Make a large red note in your diary: Saturday 8th October is L-Day when you can do your bit to put Longstanton back on the map of best-kept villages.

Business starts at 10am; no doubt the arrangements will be similar to past occasions and Libby White will again be major domo. Don’t miss it!

Speeding in the village and other travel news

670v30from Cllr Alex Riley

Correspondence has been received by the Parish Clerk, from a number of residents concerned about speeding through the village.  During the recent Parish Council meeting held on 12th September, it was resolved to contact Paul Jenkins, the new Police Officer in charge of Speedwatch for the area, to arrange for some training for those residents who wish to volunteer to help carry out speed checks.

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A14 Improvement Scheme

from Highways England


Preparatory work to build our construction compounds has already started and we expect to begin main construction work later this year. The new A14 will open to traffic in 2020, with some work, such as removal of the Huntingdon viaduct, continuing beyond that.

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Longstanton resident plans Kilimanjaro charity trek

victoriaLongstanton resident Victoria Stevens is currently attempting to raise £4,000 on behalf of World Child Cancer by trekking Mt Kilimanjaro in November.

The charity is devoted to funding projects in developing countries such as Ghana and Bangladesh, where children with cancer face a 10% chance of survival thanks to extreme poverty and a dire lack of resources. World Child Cancer provide treatment centres, palliative care nurses, trained health professionals and all important medicine to help improve the welfare of these children, giving them the most basic rights that the UK healthcare system gives us.
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