Northstowe Community Forum – next Wednesday

Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley

Next Wednesday there is a meeting of this forum.  Since the abolition of the Northstowe Committee this is really the only way local people (I include myself in this category) can find out what is really going on in Northstowe.

And, believe it or not, things really are happening!  On Northstowe Phase 1 Bloor Homes have started to put in the footings for their development West of the B1050.  At least four other builders are touting their own developments and have previewed them to Longstanton Parish Council.

There will also be a presentation on current Phase 2 plans.

From 18.00 – 18.45 there is the opportunity of an informal chat.  If you have a “bombshell” to bring to the meeting, please try to air it first at this session.  The actual meeting itself takes place from 19.00 – 21.00.

Previous such gatherings have proved to be a very constructive opportunity for local residents to find out what is going on and to ask – and get replies! – about their problems and concerns.

All the people who matter will be there.  If you have concerns about how things are proceeding, be it about operating hours, noise when building Is taking place, mud on roads or whatever, this is your chance to come along and ask your questions.  Don’t miss it and then complain afterwards!

If you want to find out what is happening on Northstowe, I suggest you turn up on Wednesday!

Many of you will be asking: “Pathfinder School.  Where on earth is that?”  Here’s how you find it?

From Willingham, going South, take the second Northstowe exit on the left. From Bar Hill/Longstanton/Swavesey/Over, going North, take the first Northstowe exit on the right. In both cases, follow the road, veering to the right.  The school Is ahead of you, slightly to the right.

Hope to see a good many of you there on the night.

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