A14 Improvement Scheme

from Highways England


Preparatory work to build our construction compounds has already started and we expect to begin main construction work later this year. The new A14 will open to traffic in 2020, with some work, such as removal of the Huntingdon viaduct, continuing beyond that.

To find out more about the scheme and how it affects you, come along to one of our public information exhibitions.

Public information exhibitions

Offord Village Hall
Tuesday 27 September, 2pm – 8pm

Hilton Village Hall
Thursday 29 September, 2pm – 8pm

Bar Hill Village Hall
Saturday 1 October, 10am – 4pm

Madingley Village Hall  
Tuesday 4 October, 2pm – 8pm

Alconbury Memorial Hall
Wednesday 5 October, 2pm – 8pm

Brampton Memorial Centre 
Saturday 8 October, 10am – 4pm

Milton All Saints Church Hall 
Tuesday 11 October, 2pm – 8pm

Oakington Pavillion
Saturday 15 October, 10am – 4pm

Swavesey Memorial Hall
Wednesday 19 October, 2pm – 8pm

St Ives United Reform Free Church
Thursday 20 October, 2pm – 8pm

Judith’s Field Hall, Godmanchester
Monday 24 October, 2pm – 8pm
(please note this change of venue, which was previously advertised as Godmanchester Town Hall)

Constructing new habitat for protected species


A number of construction activities will be taking place soon. This includes creating habitats for badgers, great crested newts and water voles. We aim to complete key areas this year, so that construction can continue as planned across the scheme.

We will be building in an area where a badger sett is located. Badgers and their setts are protected by law. Before any badger sett can be closed, a badger licence needs to be issued by Natural England to define what is allowed and at what times of the year.

The sett will then be closed by licenced ecologists. As there is no alternative nearby sett for the badgers to migrate to, the A14 project team will be providing an artificial badger sett to house the badgers.

An artificial badger sett recreates, as far as feasibly possible, a real badger sett. The most common arrangement is for a group of nesting chambers to be excavated and for these to be connected together. These will then have a series of tunnels which connect the chambers to the outside world. Some of the underground tunnels will be specially constructed to allow the badgers to expand the sett in due course.

Local Environment Management Plans


We are working closely with the local authorities to finalise our Local Environment Management Plans (LEMPs).

These outline how we will work to minimise the impact of construction on the local environment and communities.

Work to protect the local ecology has already started and we have been creating new habitats, trapping species for relocation, and clearing sites.

The plans are currently with local authorities for signing off and will be made available to the public shortly. We are also finalising the location of temporary haul roads and compounds, and arranging for air quality monitoring to be set up.

Plans will be made available from the Requirements Register on the publications page at www.highways.gov.uk/A14C2H

Leaving a positive legacy – relieving flooding

One of our main objectives is to leave a positive legacy for the local area. During consultation, flood risks were identified as a key concern for local residents.

We have been working with the local authorities, the Environment Agency and local drainage boards to assess opportunities created by construction and bring potential solutions to fruition. Anything we can do, in addition to mitigation already planned, could bring significant benefits to local communities.

We have carried out an initial options assessment and have identified nine schemes to take forward for feasibility studies.

The team has been successful in securing funding for the studies, and aim to complete these over the summer.

The potential schemes span locations across the route from Brampton in the west to Histon in the east. Once the studies have been completed we will share the results with you, with the aim of delivering a number of projects during the construction of the road.

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