Airfield Road closure

Alex Rileyfrom SCDC Cllr Allex Riley

At the Northstowe Community Forum held on 17 January, a representative of Sisk’s (the company responsible for the infrastructure of Phase 2 of Northstowe) explained that they intended to install a crossing across the Airfield Road via traffic lights. They were waiting for clarification of the Public Right-of-way situation from the County Council but were intending to close the road from early summer.

This statement was in conflict with what residents had previously been given to understand, namely that the closure of the Airfield Road would not take place until the local works to upgrade the A14 (including the road for local traffic) have completed.

I have recently met with Homes England (formerly the HCA) in order to clarify the situation. They have explained to me that any permanent closure of the Airfield Road could not take place until a public notice has been advertised. This notice will be advertised setting out the proposed details of the stopping up order and will be subject to a 28 day public consultation process which would be run by the County Council.

I am very relieved to hear this because it is my view that to shut the Airfield Road while the A14 is in its current state would be a serious mistake.

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