BT fibre fast broadband – coming (very) soon

BT engineers in School Lane

BT engineers in School Lane

Good news at last for all those waiting for a better broadband service. According to the latest news sent to us by Craig Thomas, the village’s broadband champion, BT’s fast fibre connections could become available in the village as early as the end of May – yes, that’s this May.

If you’re currently on the ‘wrong’ side of the High Street and consequently living with a glacially slow internet connection, you can look forward to fast downloads, video streaming without buffering and TV catchup services over the web. The BT service will include Home Farm, Rampton Drift, The Leas and Thatchers Wood, as well as areas off the High Street where fast broadband is not currently available. In fact, it is our understanding that the BT service will be available throughout the village, including those areas already served by Virgin Media, so there will actually be a choice of provider in some areas. Score one for the consumer!

Currently, BT’s 38Mbps unlimited service is marketed at £18 per month, while the 75Mbps service costs £26 per month – but other service providers may offer better deals.

Read on for Craig’s account of BT’s progress towards getting Longstanton connected.

Craig writes…
Connecting Cambridgeshire has confirmed (on the 21st) that the fibre pull from Huntingdon Road, Cambridge to the Bar Hill A14 interchange has been completed. This links up to the work that was already under way to pull fibre along the B1050.

On Thursday the 23rd I met the project manager and the fibre engineers pushing the last stretch of fibre to the new Cabinet opposite All Saints Church.

He explained that he picked up the project in 2013 to run fibre into Longstanton; however they have had consistent issues securing rights of work on the A14, and the B1050 (hence the recent flutter of evening work). Phone lines will still be connected to Bar Hill Exchange, but fibre internet will be connected to the Fibre Access Node on Huntingdon road.

This is the last difficult part of the roll-out and it has now been completed

Remaining tasks are:

  • Connect the cabinets to the fibre backhaul. We should see engineers at the cabinets over the next few weeks
  • Cabinet commissioning – final tests and sign off
  • Go-Live ETA is June, but might be as early as the end of May (dependent on whether BT rolls out each cabinet separately or does them all in one go)

Once the new service goes live the village will have the same offerings as before from BT ADSL (~1.5 -> 2.5 Mbps) and Virgin Media (up to 150Mbps, subject to area of village) but it will have these additional offerings from BT fibre-ready internet service providers:

  • BT OpenReach FTTC* VDSL* : 38Mbps (dependent on distance from street cabinet)
  • BT OpenReach FTTC VDSL2 : 76Mbps (dependent on distance from street cabinet)

As far as I am aware there will be no BT FTTP* offerings.

FTTC = Fibre To The Cabinet
FTTP = Fibre To The Premises
VDSL = Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line)


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