Airfield Road closure

from SCDC Cllr Allex Riley At the Northstowe Community Forum held on 17 January, a representative of Sisk’s (the company responsible for the infrastructure of Phase 2 of Northstowe) explained that they intended to install a crossing across the Airfield … Continue reading

Results of local elections

from Cllr Alex Riley For the Longstanton District Council seat, the votes cast for the different candidates were as follows: Sandra Archer   Green   54   6% Simon Down      Labour  146  17% Callum Hatch    UKIP     82   10% Alex Riley      Con      525  63%  … Continue reading

Your rates 2016

from Cllr Alex Riley The Government’s squeeze on Local Authorities continues relentlessly. For instance, for South Cambs DC, the 2014/15 Revenue Support Grant (paid by the Government) was £2.6M, that for 2015/16 £1.8M, that for 2016/17 £925,750, becoming £0 in … Continue reading