Collective energy switching: sign up now and save money on your energy bills!

CambEnergySwitchfrom Graham Hughes, Cambs C.C.
The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch is a scheme that builds on the strengths of Cambridgeshire County Council and its residents and brings them together in order to get cheaper energy for you.

Taking part in the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch is free and without obligation. The more people that participate in the scheme; the more likely we are able to achieve cheaper energy prices.
The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch holds its next energy auction on the 10th of June. The supplier who offers the cheapest tariff in the auction gets to offer you a new energy contract. From the 20th of June you will receive your personal offer and will be able to see straight away how much money you could save on your annual energy bill. You decide if you want to accept the offer or not.

We are working with iChoosr to provide the energy auctions. iChoosr is an independent and completely impartial service provider. They aim to provide you with a better energy deal and also ensure that your switching experience is convenient and carefree.

iChoosr does not supply energy but might be able to help you save money in a simple and transparent way. Across the country iChoosr have successfully switched over 40,000 families who have saved nearly £6 million, making a difference to their household budgets.

In February 2014, over 400 Cambridgeshire families switched energy suppliers through this scheme and between them made savings of over £89,000, saving each household an average of £224 a year.

There are a number of advantages with the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch:

  • Signing up is free and without obligation.
  • You decide whether you wish to accept the offer or not.
  • You can count on the assistance and support of our Customer Care team before, during and after your switch.

How can I sign up for the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch?

  • Go to
  • Find your annual energy statement or recent set of energy bills
  • Click on the button “Sign up now”
  • Fill in your energy details and confirm your registration

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch. You can call us on 01223 507164 or send an email to

Graham Hughes
Executive Director; Economy, Transport and Environment

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