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cambsccAt fairly irregular intervals receives council activity reports from our local County Councillor. Sadly, these never address local issues, being pro-forma reports produced by the County Council. Sadly, too, they’re usually well out of date and written in that peculiar dialect of English used by those whose lives are a happy round of meetings and committees.

We (editorial ‘we’, sorry!) find these reports to be indigestible and in some cases unhelpful. Usually we don’t publish them as this website values clarity and anyway is concerned with local issues in Longstanton and the immediate surroundings.

To try something different, this time we have prepared a short version of the main points. You can read the summary by clicking on the ‘Continue reading’ prompt below. If you need the full-fat report, it’s also available by clicking here.

Please let us know if you’d like us to do this again.

County Council Report November 2015 (our summary)

How to cope with Winter

  • If you’re old or if you’re young, if you’re expecting or if you’re a carer, get a flu jab.
  • Keep warm – but not too warm. Warm is good, too warm is wasteful, and it’s your money.
  • Eat well – hot meals and drinks keep the cold away.
  • If you’re fit, warm and well fed, look after your neighbours. They might not be.
  • If the weather outdoors looks like it’s trying to do you harm, stay indoors.
  • If you can’t afford to follow these steps, call 03456 500280 for information on getting help.

‘Superfast’ broadband

The provision of fibre broadband across the county made good progress in 2015 and this should continue during the next 2 years. 26% of Cambridgeshire residents have fibre and yes, we’ve got it in Longstanton.
If you need more information, try

Making money out of libraries

Libraries cost a lot. We’ve been asking for suggestions about how we can make some money out of our libraries. There was a public workshop about this but it was a month ago, so you’ve missed it.

Making money out of the Park and Ride

We’re hoping to make money by selling concessions on the P&R sites to businesses who want to open cafes, car washes or whatever. If you’ve got a money-spinning idea you have until the end of the year to make your case: remember that all the costs of setting up your business will be down to you.
We hope to make £20k in the first year and £50k in subsequent years by selling the concessions.

Improving the A14

All the deadlines for comments, discussion and reports are past. Wait and see.

Cambridgeshire Energy Switch

1063 households across the county registered for this scheme. EON won the competition to provide electricity and gas at the best price, giving an average saving of £236.41 to people in the scheme. If you registered and haven’t accepted yet, it’s too late as the deadline was 24th November.

Improving energy efficiency in public buildings

We’re spending a lot of money improving the energy efficiency of schools and other public buildings. This results in 14% saving in energy costs, plus money from government grants.

Integrated Highway Management Centre

This organisation provides information to road users about disruption on the roads. Since 1st November it has been open for an extra hour and a half on weekday evenings.

Community health services for older people and those with long-term conditions

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Foundation Trust has created 16 neighbourhood teams to improve services to these groups. These have been operating since 1st October.

Improving schools

A body called the ‘Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Foundation Trust’ held its first meeting on 2nd October. The group includes a wide range of organisations involved in providing or delivering education across the full age range of pupils.
The group aims to find ways of co-ordinating and improving education provision so that it is can meet the challenges of the future. The group is confident that rapid improvements can be made and is already planning ways to support reading and literacy skills.

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