District Councillors’ report – August 2018

– from Sarah Cheung Johnson and Alex Malyon

5 Year Land Supply
SCDC can now demonstrate it has enough new housing land to meet the target of new homes that need to be built in our District over the next 5 years. Northstowe will obviously be key to these plans, as well as a new town of 11,000 homes at Waterbeach.

Hopefully this will mean an end to the kind of speculative development which has led to Cottenham having 500+ new homes and Over having 300 or so.

As you may be aware, the Council’s local plan has taken longer to get approval than any other local plan in England, taking over 4 years. The local plan now has to be approved by the local planning inspectorate which we hope will happen soon… and then work starts straightaway on the next local plan!

Northstowe Phase 3 Consultation
On 3rd July we went to a briefing on the early stage development of the master plan for Northstowe Phase 3 delivered by Homes England. Some of the emerging concepts for the design of Phase 3 were presented, one design to reflect the Airfield runways and another highlighting the Fen Landscape – we strongly recommend you take a look at the plans which are online. Our concerns are to try to preserve as much of the existing trees and green spaces as possible, to build in sustainability and ensure good cycling and footpath networks to connect our communities.

Further public consultation will take place later in 2018 and early 2019, on the outline planning application for Phase 3. Details of the plans and the questionnaire to allow you to comment on the plans are available on: www.northstowe.com/get-involved/

Northstowe Allotments & Orchard for Phase 1
Work has begun on designing and planning Northstowe Allotments and the Community Orchard. Currently the plan is that allotments are for Northstowe Phase 1 residents but because we are unlikely to have enough occupants for allotments in the beginning, these allotments will be made available to local, non-Northstowe applicants. Demand from Phase 1 residents takes priority – however we think there should be a special provision for Longstanton residents who are involved in helping set up the allotment society and getting allotments established to be allowed a longer lease on their allotment. We are taking this up with the Council to try get the rules changed.
Residents who are interested in being involved in the allotment working group or who would like to register interest in an allotment can contact: Northstowe.community@scambs.gov.uk

Construction Traffic
There have been a number of complaints regarding construction vehicles using local roads. There are potentially two reasons for this: HCVs travelling to and from the Northstowe and the A14 improvement works. We met last week with fellow Councillor for Willingham and Over, Dawn Percival, to discuss this issue and our response. The Northstowe Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) shows the approved routes and it is clear that no construction traffic is permitted through the village.

SCDC has requested that the Cambridgeshire Northstowe Transport Working Group (NTWG) be reinstated. This group, run by the County Council, is a joint initiative with SCDC and Parish Councils but was disbanded. This group will be responsible for monitoring the traffic connected with Northstowe, will consider what preventative measures can be put in place to avoid further worsening, and if necessary enable the SCDC Enforcement team to take necessary steps. We are hoping the first meeting of the group will be in September.

Construction Noise
We have also received a number of reports regarding breech of planning conditions, with noise from work beginning before 08.00 on both the Northstowe site and a construction site in the village.

We have raised these issues with the developers and contractors and have contacted the planning enforcement team at SCDC to make them aware. We will continue to monitor this issue and would be grateful if residents could let ourselves or the Parish Council know if they have further issues with this so that we can take action.

Parish Council
Sarah would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Parish Council and most especially the Clerk, Libby White and Chair John Street for making her feel welcome as a new Parish Councillor last year (Sarah stood down this year to devote time to being a District Councillor).

The members of the Parish Council do a lot of work on behalf of the residents, often sitting late into the evening debating issues and protecting the rights of the village. They deserve all our collective thanks. We would like to thank them for giving us both their time and expertise bringing us up to speed on Parish issues and look forward to working with them closely. We are especially pleased we have our first Northstowe resident on the Parish Council!

Additional News
More updates can be found on our website: https://www.sclibdems.org.uk/longstanton_news,including notes from the May Northstowe Parish Forum.

If you have questions about these or any other issues or would like our assistance, then please feel free to contact us on:
Sarah: cllr.cheungjohnson@scambs.gov.uk 01954 489089
Alex: cllr.malyon@scambs.gov.uk 01954 202859

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