Posting Rules


The aim of these rules is to ensure that is a friendly, safe and inclusive environment where village residents can discuss a variety of topics and share information.  To this end, we ask you to read the general guidelines below and to adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that anyone wishing to raise an issue for the attention of the Council should do so via e-mail.  Posting on this website will not be acted upon by the Council.


If you have any queries or comments regarding the site, including moderation and technical issues, please make use of the Feedback Forum or contact the webmaster by email at

Inappropriate Content

Comments are moderated retrospectively and we ask that forum members notify us of any inappropriate posts. Please contact us only if posts break the terms and conditions or community guidelines and not just because you disagree with a posted opinion.

At their discretion, moderators may remove or redact any comments deemed offensive or which contravene the Terms and Conditions. In exceptional cases, persistent offenders may be blocked from further access to the site.

Balanced Discussion

The site is a facility for public discussion. expresses no editorial position and has no political, social, moral or ethical agenda. It is not responsible for the opinions of its members, beyond making its best efforts to ensure that those opinions are expressed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. It is not uncommon for public debates to favour one side or the other and is under no obligation to provide rights of reply other than those inherent in the post/comment format.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptable use is based on respect and consideration for other users, Longstanton residents and anybody who may read what you post. Remember that this may include minors. In this context, the following are considered unacceptable:

  • Discussion: You are welcome to disagree with other members but we will not tolerate posts which insult, abuse, belittle, bait or otherwise antagonise forum members or incite them to respond in a way that contravenes the guidelines.
  • Offensive material: You must not post comments that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive. We will not tolerate offensive, immature or unconstructive postings.
  • Copyright: Do not reproduce complete texts to which you do not own the copyright. When linking to articles elsewhere on the Internet, you can quote the first few lines and then provide a link to the content in full. If quoting other media, be sure to cite your source.
  • Advertising: Links to third-party sites are only permitted when they are relevant to ongoing discussion. It is not acceptable to post URLs of sites excessively or in a way which could be construed as advertising.
  • Bad language: The site has a language filter which should block terms deemed too offensive for use online. Deliberately evading this filter (e.g. by masking words) is unacceptable. Casual swearing (where the words are NOT filtered) may be acceptable but your post must in other respects be a constructive and non-offensive. Swearing at people or groups is not permitted.
  • Libel: Don´t post anything that might be libelous.
  • Privacy: All information posted on this site is in the public domain. Do not post other people’s email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information on the forums. Be aware that posting your own details may make you vulnerable to spam or other unwanted communications. Commercial information that is already in the public domain is acceptable.
  • Third-party Websites: Treat links in posts to third party website with care. We are not responsible nor liable for third-party websites.
  • Etiquette: Try your hardest to communicate clearly: avoid using `txt spk´. We ask that all users post in English.
  • Commenting on spelling/grammar: Unconstructive posts commenting on the spelling and/or grammar of another user´s post are not acceptable. We ask that users make the effort to communicate clearly and, so long as posts are understandable, there should be no problem.
  • Under 16s: If you are under 16 years of age please obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before you post a comment. Do not reveal any personal information including but not limited to surname, telephone number, school name, or email address.