How did your fast broadband installation go?

btWe’ve had mixed reports from residents who have switched (or tried to) to the new BT fibre broadband service. While most reports were initially positive, with people reporting quick installation and excellent performance, as time has passed there seem to have been more problems.

Today received a despairing account from one Mitchcroft Road resident who has been the victim of what seems to be some classic incompetence on the part of BT. Chris Hay has blogged his account of the treatment to which he was subjected when he ordered fibre. You can read his blog here. Has anyone else had similar experiences?


How did your fast broadband installation go? — 2 Comments

  1. I had a very smooth transition from the slow 1Mb/s to BT fibre. On the day I was told we would receive the new service my internet was down for about 10 mins while they swapped me over and I have been running for 15 days since with no interruption of service. Whenever I have checked the connection speeds are running at around 40Mbps (download).

    I was an existing BT customer and I do wonder if this has made the transition smoother but as Chris indicated in his blog it did mean I was not eligible for the special offers.

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  2. So I was told they could not help me at all (broadband or fibre until I get a phone line installed and then and only then can they give me an estimated speed, or whether I can get fibre).
    when the engineer came to connect my phone line I was told that the line is being fed from a cabinet with fibre, and it should not be a problem getting it connected.
    I then contacted BT and was told I need to wait for their system to say I can get fibre, as they can do nothing until then, their system says I can only get a 1mb line. so I am now paying line rental for a phone line I dont need(I am from SA and have nobody to call here), and have no internet.
    so its been nearly 2 weeks and their system has not been updated, where does that leave me? I believe I am going to be in same boat without receiving the special offer, once BT figures out how to get me fibre.
    I wish I had other options, but seems BT might come to party first, just hope it happens this century

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