Longstanton finances

Alex Riley(from Cllr. Alex Riley)
The PC’s current financial situation is pretty bad and, as you may have read in the local news, it is in danger of running out of cash this financial year. The parish precept is going to nearly double next year (from £75,011 this year to £139,295) and of course residents should know why this is. This will be explained on Monday.The simple reason is that in some 20 months, between September 2010 and May 2012, the PC succeeded in frittering away some £70,000, firstly through its disastrous decision to acquire the Pavilion and secondly to keep it going in spite of its huge losses.

All those involved in the PC during this period have to accept some blame, but the prime responsibility lies with the three individuals who chaired the PC during this time. There appears to have been not the slightest attempt at planning the Pavilion as a business, imposing any financial management, or even correcting the gross financial irregularities that went on. Decisions such as installing a kitchen only served to increase losses. Some of these individuals are now claiming to be wise after the event, but the reality is that when in office they did absolutely nothing.

I take my hat off to the small band of parish councillors who had no part in the PC before last May’s elections and who have doggedly worked through the horrendous mess they inherited, in many cases having to piece together accounts information which was non-existent. A former Chairman claims to have this missing financial documentation (as well as other information) but has refused to pass on to the current PC. Can you believe it?

It is my view that the nightmare of the past is now pretty well resolved and that the PC can start to look forward and give its full attention to major issues facing the village, such as Northstowe

Kind regards

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