Northstowe Update (is anything REALLY happening?)

Alex Rileyfrom SCDC Councillor Alex Riley
Given how little is happening, there is quite a lot of Northstowe news at present.

The weekend shut-down of the B1050 happened last weekend. I have just rung Jacksons who have confirmed that there are no future plans for closing the road.

At last Thursday’s South Cambs DC Full Council meeting it was decided to close the Northstowe committee down. I am not happy about this. The committee has individuals on it who are steeped in the background to the project and this background is very important when future planning applications come forward. Closing the committee down when it has never seen (let alone approved) the minutes for the meeting at which it granted outline consent for Phase 2 is not right. At that meeting I was given an assurance by Paul Kitson of the HCA that a burial ground would be made available within Phase 3 during the Phase 2 development. Had these minutes come to committee I could have ensured that this commitment made it into the record. It’s a mess!

On the other hand I see no point in holding meetings when there is no business to discuss, and since there is currently no prospect of housing developments on Northstowe, the immediate consequences of axing the committee are nil.

Here is the Cambridge News take on recent developments

I was contacted over the weekend by a colleague who is involved in a local parish council. He was bemused about a notice that he had had passed on to him. It is the attachment to this message and describes a drop-in session to be held this Saturday morning, 5 December, in Longstanton’s Village Institute in order that local residents can drop in, “ask the experts”, and find out all that is currently happening at Northstowe. (View the flyer – pdf)

I’ll be there, awaiting information with a keen interest.

This flyer was sent out last Wednesday, but only to local parish council clerks. No copies to anyone on the Northstowe committee, even though it had not been disbanded.

Individuals formerly on that committee will still receive some information about Northstowe via these emails.

We appear to have entered a new phase of Northstowe, in which Longstanton’s elected representatives no longer receive any direct information about the project from South Cambs DC!

Hope to see some of you on Saturday.

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