Proposals for a new Village Institute

new_viLongstanton is growing. The Village Institute dates from 1926 and it’s showing its age. Last Saturday a large number of Longstanton residents attended a drop-in session to see proposals for a new Village Institute.

A new building would replace both the existing Village Institute and the Pavilion on the recreation ground and would combine the functions of both. The project would be partially financed by the sale of the existing building and the land it stands on.

Four firms of architects were asked to propose ideas for a new Village Institute (which might well be called something else…) to be built on the site of the existing Pavilion. If you were unable to attend the drop in last weekend, here is your opportunity to see the initial concepts and have your say. It should be made clear that these are initial ideas: they are not costed and there is a lot of thinking and planning to do before any new building work starts.

First: please see our gallery of images, taken from the architects’ proposals.

If you want to see the plans in more detail, they are available by clicking the links below. Please be aware that these are large documents: it is not recommended that you download them on a slow internet connection or using expensive mobile data! You may also find them tricky to handle on a slow device or one with a small screen.

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell the parish council what you think. The questionnaire used at the drop-in is available for completion on-line. Once you have had a good look at the gallery and/or the architects’ plans, please visit the survey to make your voice heard.


Proposals for a new Village Institute — 8 Comments

  1. Sadly all the designs seem to have windows facing onto Over road, thus looking over existing neighbouring properties. I couldn’t possibly support a design that had these features. I would hape that a simple re-positioning of the kitchen and sports hall would rectify much of these issues.
    I couldn’t possibly support a design that offered this unnecessary level of intrusion.
    Although as a concept I feel our village is calling out for something like this.

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  2. Agreed. Also very concerned about outdoor terraces for the bar which face Over Road. Fine to face the fields, but surely not people’s houses?

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  3. I think all the proposed terraces face the grass area, though some concepts do have windows on the road side. You get a better appreciation of the buildings’ orientation from the full-size plans.

    Don’t forget to make your comments via the survey as well as here.

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  4. The Saunders-Boston floor plan appears to show a first floor terrace adjacent to Over Road? Although the 3D sketch doesn’t seem to quite match that.

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  5. Saunders looks the best bet, nice interesting idea, but the rest look pretty boring and dull.

    Not sure on the obsession with office space. Will this really be used that much? Can see them being very underused. People will either be at work, or work from home. Seems a waste of space. Really don’t like DCA ideas, far too many small rooms so restrictive.

    Like the terracing idea, would need a space to drink on the ground floor though. The pavilion gets very busy in nice weather (summer) especially on Fridays with kids playing and parents having a drink outside but can see us losing this on these plans. Would not want to be tucked away while kids play outside like at Bar Hill, prefer the current way.

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  6. Hi my name is Danny Williams I am a local personal trainer and I run the Longstanton Fitness Camp on the Rec Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

    If there was an option to build some gym space I would happy pay a monthly rent and manage the gym. I am currently looking for places to rent in Longstanton for a gym and a treatment room for sports massage.

    Since starting my fitness camps I know there are alot of people interested in health and fitness and currently there are no gyms in Longstanton where they can go.

    Regards Danny

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  7. I certainly support the principle of this and can see it becoming a very useful and modern space for local community groups and sports teams. Personally I’d also like to think that the hall would be able to host performing arts groups as well – with facilities such as lighting bars installed so that it can be used for various performances and music.

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