Shona Johnstone bids farewell

shona_johnsonCambridgeshire County Councillor Shona Johnstone made her final report to the Parish Council last night before quitting her post as county councillor. She used her final report to encourage Longstanton residents to get behind the Northstowe development. “It’s going to happen”, she told councillors and Longstanton residents at the monthly parish council meeting. “The time has come to stop finding reasons to oppose Northstowe and start doing what is needed to ensure that it will be a quality project that will benefit this village”. Questioned about the expected traffic issues on the B1050, Ms Johnstone said that reports that the county’s traffic surveys were outdated and misleading did not tell the whole story. “The traffic model makes allowances for the increase in traffic since the surveys were carried out,” she told the meeting.

4th June 2013:
Gallagher Estates contract for Shona Johnstone (Cambridge News)

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