Speeding in the village and other travel news

670v30from Cllr Alex Riley

Correspondence has been received by the Parish Clerk, from a number of residents concerned about speeding through the village.  During the recent Parish Council meeting held on 12th September, it was resolved to contact Paul Jenkins, the new Police Officer in charge of Speedwatch for the area, to arrange for some training for those residents who wish to volunteer to help carry out speed checks.

Having spoken with Paul, we can confirm that Cambridgeshire Police is carrying out Speedwatch training at Cambourne Police Station on Saturday 1st October at 10.30am.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact Paul Jenkins by emailing (speedwatch@cambs.pnn.police.uk).  It would be appreciated if you could use the subject ‘Speedwatch Training 1st October 2016’ to help him identify these emails. Should you wish to find out further information about the Speedwatch initiative, please use this link.

While it is hoped that some Longstanton residents have the time to support the community Speedwatch group in the village, it may take a while to get up and running.  In the meantime, if you have any areas of concern where speeding is occurring, you can use this link to request a police check at that location.

The police would rather that several people complete the form for one area rather than just receive one request from the Parish Office.  If they receive several requests it can show that there is a pattern of speeding, meaning they are more likely to justify the resource to complete a formal speed check.

Other road and traffic news

Village Gateways
You will shortly see some new ‘village gateways’ installed on Station Road, School Lane, Hattons Road and Home Farm Road where the speed limit changes to 30mph.  It is hoped that these will create a more visual impact for drivers to see that they are entering the village, meaning that speed should be reduced.

The sign on Station Road will suggest that the roads in the village are not suitable for HGVs.  Though this cannot stop them coming through, it is hoped that it will discourage drivers from using the village.

Local Highways Initiatives
Cambridgeshire County Council have an initiative where they can provide up to £10,000 to support an initiative within the village which will make the roads safer for all users.  Last year, the Parish Council looked at putting in an additional zebra crossing on the High Street to enable road users to cross more safely.  Unfortunately it was not supported by the County Council and was rejected.

Longstanton Parish Council are looking at some options to apply for this year, but would welcome any suggestions from residents.  It would be appreciated if these can be received by 5th October in order that they can be discussed at the next meeting on 10th October.

Guided Busway news

Further works  need to be carried out to repair  defects between Histon and Orchard Park  on the Guided Busway.  The nature of the works will require a full closure of The Busway between these points from midnight on Friday 30th September until 05.00 on Monday 3rd October.  The Histon stop towards Cambridge will be closed on these dates and times and closure signs will be placed at this stop.   The alternative stop will be on Cambridge Road (outside Anglia fireplaces).  The maintenance track will also be closed and diversion signs will be in operation. .

The B service will run down Cambridge road, into Histon road and pick up at the bus stop after King Hedges Road.  The same in reverse but using the normal Histon northbound Busway stop.

The A service will run down Cambridge road into Histon road and then back onto the Busway in Kings Hedges Road where it will pick up at Orchard park west and east, then CRC and the Science park.  The same in reverse.   All Orchard Park stops will have notices placed on them informing passengers of the diversions.  As the buses will be going in the opposite direction to normal for this service the stops are in effect reversed (southbound becomes northbound and vice versa).  Posters will inform passengers which stop they require to be at depending on which direction they wish to go.

The C service will follow same route as the A above.

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