Hopefully, changes to the site are now complete – for the time being at least. A few words of explanation for patient readers…

Following its face lift the Community site joins the Parish Council site in being ‘mobile friendly’. With more and more people viewing web sites on phones and tablets, this has become increasingly important. Both sites now adapt themselves to whatever device they are being viewed on.
While the redesign was in hand, we took the painful decision to remove the forum. The software used for the forum has been discontinued and is known to have some security issues, but the main reason for removing the forum was quite simply that nobody was using it.

To mitigate the loss of the forum, it is now easier to post comments. Previously it was necessary to register with the site in order to post a comment: this is no longer the case – anyone can post. It will still be preferable to register, as unregistered posters will have to give a name and email address and complete a captcha when they post; however, if you post comments only occasionally or just prefer not to register, you should find the process easier. Comments can be posted whenever you see the ‘speech bubble’ in a post header – just click the bubble.

Unrestricted posting comes with some dangers of attracting spam and other rogue posts, so this policy will have to be kept under review for the time being.

We’d be pleased to receive any feedback on these changes – please use the comment facility to let us know your opinion.


LongstantonVillage.org — 3 Comments

  1. The Forum was a good idea, just a shame no one used it. It does illustrate the point that it is incredibly difficult to engage the village in any debate via an on-line medium.

    I worry about this because there have been many decisions being made by the council on behalf of the village that have not always turned out for the best. Consultation with the public is essential and I still see very little of this going on. Meetings can not always be attended and an alternative is necessary. We were promised that questionnaires on the boundary changes would be posted through every door but this has not happened where I live.

    Where are the articles that invite comment on the boundaries and show current options?

    Where are the articles that invite ideas for the village recreation facilities?

    The village green play area (opp. Nelson Crescent) is still an ongoing concern and there has been ample opportunity for consultation on this but I have not seen anything.

    It is not possible to comment on the articles in the Parish Council section so there needs to be somewhere for the public to do this.

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  2. I do echo your concern about engaging the village in debate. Some articles on the community site have always been open for comment: in the 14 months since the web site opened there was not a single comment. This at a time when there have been crucial issues involving Northstowe, the A14 and education provision – subjects that were never raised in the forum, either. Hopefully, now that the home page has been changed to a blog format with open posting, more people may feel like contributing their opinions (3 already!).

    I believe that the boundary questionnaires are still to come. Suggestions for use of the recreation facilities have been invited on this site and in the Longstanton Life. The village green play area was discussed at this month’s parish council meeting, with some lively contributions from Nelson Crescent residents.

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  3. A notice about the boundaries questionnaire has been posted on the Parish Council website. This document should have been sent out by SCDC but it seems they have suffered ‘distribution delays’.

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