Street Names in Northstowe

northstoweNow that building has started, South Cambridgeshire District Council is keen to enlist the help of the local community in finding names for all the new roads that will make up Northstowe. Where possible it is hoped to find names that reflect some historical or geographical aspect of the locality.

In the first instance, Longstanton Parish Council will be collating suggestions for street names and these will be reviewed at the Council meeting on 12th December 2016. Your help is invited: if you have ideas for names for the new streets or themes within which ‘families’ of names can be created, please send these to the Parish Clerk by 28th November.

Inevitably there is a degree of bureaucracy involved in this task. Suggestions need to be made in a common format so that they can be properly collated and considered. The documents listed below explain how to do this and include street plans for phases 1 and 2 of the development to help you suggest names related to specific locations. There is also a document template that can be used for making suggestions.

Overview of the process and general instructions (pdf)
Master plan of the site (jpg)
Phase 1 detailed street plan (jpg)
Phase 2 detailed street plan (jpg)
Template form for submitting suggestions (docx)
Ditto in pdf format (pdf)

If you are able to use the template form in docx format, this can then be sent to the Parish Clerk by email ( Alternatively, completed paper copies can be left at the parish office in the Village Institute.

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