Superfast broadband options

concamConnecting Cambridgeshire has asked us to make this poster available.

If you have been following this site since BT Openreach installed fibre in the village you will know that many residents have had an easy and successful transition from their old, slow internet connections to much faster fibre. Some have reported problems, mostly to do with the initial capacity of the cabinets being insufficient to meet demand.

It seems that all areas of the village now have access to the Openreach network. A number of service providers (not just BT) offer connection to this network at speeds up to 78 megabits per second. Some parts of the village also have the older Virgin Media network available at speeds up to 152 megabits per second. Connecting Cambridgeshire are not involved with Virgin Media, so if you want to compare availability, packages and prices you should also visit the VM website. You can check whether you can receive VM services at your address here and details of VM packages are here.

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