VAT penalty announced

The Parish Council has received a VAT penalty in respect of the period from October 2010 during which VAT was not paid on receipts at the Pavilion. The surcharge was expected but the amount was not known until this week.

The amount of the fine is now known to be £2,198.31. This is the smallest amount that could have been levied and was substantially reduced because the council took prompt and effective measures to provide all the information HMRC required, once the issue of the unpaid VAT came to light.

The full announcement can be viewed on the Parish Council site. It is also posted here so that anyone who wishes to comment can do so (comments are not enabled on the Parish Council site).


VAT penalty announced — 1 Comment

  1. This is excellent news considering the VAT owed from previous years was believed to be 10 times this amount. Well done to the current Parish Council for dealing with HMRC so efficiently.

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