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Alex Rileyfrom Cllr Alex Riley
The Government’s squeeze on Local Authorities continues relentlessly. For instance, for South Cambs DC, the 2014/15 Revenue Support Grant (paid by the Government) was £2.6M, that for 2015/16 £1.8M, that for 2016/17 £925,750, becoming £0 in 2017/18. South Cambs has put up its Band D rates by £5, which still leaves us in the bottom quartile of District Councils’ rates charges. That requires substantial economies which are to be made by efficiency savings.

Council charge bands 2016 (totals – last year’s charge in brackets)

Band A: £1080.80 (£1078.08)
Band B: £1260.94 (£1257.76)
Band C: £1441.08 (£1437.44)
Band D: £1621.21 (£1617.12)
Band E: £1981.48 (£1976.48)
Band F: £2341.75 (£2335.84)
Band G: £2702.01 (£2695.20)
Band H: £3242.42 (£3234.24)

See a detailed breakdown of how these totals are calculated (pdf).

The very good news is that our Parish Council, after four years, has now managed to replace the huge sums frittered away by its predecessors in the two years up to May 2012, so its rates charges are now below average for parish councils of its size locally [ – approximately 25% reduction compared with last year – ed.]. Those wishing to refresh their memories of those dark times will find the following informative:

Communities Parish and Local Councils (CPALC) report
The Auditor’s Public Interest Report
My news post of October 8th 2013 

Our Parish Council deserves our congratulations for gritting their teeth and digging us out of the mess they inherited.

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